Regina G. Hanson is the founder of Personal Empowerment Publishing. She holds a B.A. in American History with a Minor in Women's Studies. In addition, she has an M.A. in American Studies. Her focus in research has been women in history, as well as, American culture.

Her first book, Racism: the Real Reason I Left the South is a memoir. Regina's most recent release is titled, Sexual Intellectual Female. The term was created for her master's thesis. This book dissects social media and pop culture to depict a new woman emerging in America. Currently, Ms. Hanson is working on BIPOC Entertainers in 20th Century America. In addition, Regina has a children's book series in progress based on various musical instruments.

Ms. Hanson's first love is music. She is a songwriter and member of ASCAP. Regina also writes poetry in her spare time. An avid supporter of the live music scene in Las Vegas, she can often be found listening to local entertainers throughout the city. Regina finds pleasure in travel, humanities, and the arts.

In addition, Ms. Hanson is an inspiring orator. She is available for public speaking engagements and readings. For bookings please contact