2021, Thank God You're Here!

Geez, 2020 was brutal. We all had such high hopes and KABOOM! We got a left hook we didn’t see coming. I had a phenomenal year planned, book readings from Tampa to Portland. Having published Racism: the Real Reason I Left the South in December of 2019, I was ready to take the world by storm. And then… Covid.

It was a setback. Sort of. Whereas I didn’t get to promote my first book as I would’ve liked, I had nothing but time to write my second work, Sexual Intellectual Female. This was a term that I had penned for my master’s thesis in 2012. The work had evolved over time and took on a life of its own. Yet, everything that happened this year seemed to fuel the intent of the book. From women in sports and politics, to current events, and pop culture – it all seemed to reiterate my thesis. It was serendipity.

Having dreamed of this project coming to fruition for eight years, there was a huge sense of accomplishment when it was completed. It took on a life of its own with a sense of purpose that felt magical. The finished product proved to be everything I had wanted and more. The overall theme is female empowerment. Authenticity and sex positivity are weaved throughout to provide women with a stronger sense of self. Needless to say, I am proud of it.

While the world seemed to be falling apart for many, somewhere in the midst of the madness, mine came together. Don’t get me wrong, Nevada’s unemployment is still on hold for many, myself included. I’m not rolling in the dough by any means. But, we have to be willing to find the positive in a pool of negativity. It’s there if we will look.

So I encourage you to approach this year a little differently, particularly if you are someone who likes to set New Year’s resolutions. You made it through a pandemic. We are welcoming a new administration. We have no reason to be pessimistic. It doesn’t help anything. Do what you can, where you are, with what you have. Think about the things that went right in 2020. Even if it was a shift in mindset. Do you appreciate things or people that you didn’t before? Did you learn an instrument or pick up a hobby you had lost in your youth?

Anything that brings you closer to inner peace or your ultimate happiness is progress. It isn’t always measured in career success or tangible accomplishments. Sometimes bettering yourself is invisible to others, but means everything to you.

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