A Day of Shame

I woke up relieved today. Both democratic senators had been elected in Georgia. My peeps had come through. Both the BIPOC and LGBTQIA communities organized and got out the vote. Not so long ago, we may have turned our cheek away from the political arena. For so long, many of us felt that we didn’t matter. We understood politics to be a machine that was beyond our control. An opportunity for white male elites to line their pockets and keep minorities subjugated. But thanks to Stacey Abrams and her mobilizing team, we witnessed an amazing shift. A predominately red state turned blue.

The first ever Black senator was elected in Georgia today. Congratulations Reverend Warnock, Representative John Lewis’ pastor. Furthermore, newly elected Senator Ossoff, interned for Congressman John Lewis. It gives me great peace and strength to know that these two allies of Representative John Lewis will have the opportunity to continue his legacy. It's past time for positive change. Our country is in need.

I would like to apologize that this special moment in history, Georgia turning the Senate blue, has been overshadowed by the deplorable happenings at the State Capitol Building. What we are watching unravel today at the State Capitol is a sight out of a third world country coup. It's a scenario we never thought we would witness in our own country. Instead of an inspiring speech from either Senator-elect Warnock or Senator-elect Ossoff being played on CNN, we are watching the windows of the United States Capitol Building being busted out. Trump fanatics are donning his flags as they literally destroy our building of democracy.

Instead of 45 getting on national TV and telling his people to stop and go home, he reiterated that the election was stolen from them and stated, “We love you. You are very special.” He did drop “we must keep the peace”, and to “go home”, all the while continuing to enrage them. But know this – Trump’s first public speech of the day was to this group of supporters that he encouraged to march on the Capitol. It was his intent to prevent the vote that would implement President-elect Biden’s inauguration. His posse was successful. Everything 45 has done over the last year has led to this moment. All of the baseless lawsuits, the neurotic tweets regarding an illegitimate election, riling up his most violent followers – 45 has without a doubt, committed treason. Trump’s followers that are rioting and vandalizing the State Capitol are guilty of sedition. They should all be arrested and tried. If anyone from the BIPOC community had committed the same atrocities they would most likely be lying on the ground in a pool of their own blood. 2020 has shown us that much.

I woke up relieved by the results of the Georgia runoff election. It lasted all of 3 hours. Now, as much of the last 4 years have been, I am filled with angst again. When will his reign of terror end? We’ve had less than stellar presidents before. But we have never had a leader in the oval office that divides us as 45 has done. Was it necessary to open our eyes to the infection that festers just underneath the surface? Did it take this era of madness for many of us to realize our own inadequacies?

As an optimist, I look for the good. The lesson here may be that we have a lot of work to do. Some of us have known it for far longer. Whatever your situation may be, let’s look for a solution for a healthier society. We've definitely reached a low point. Many of us have felt ashamed by the headlines this year, as we should be. But the greater challenge is, what are we going to do about it? Let's close this chapter of embarrassment and write a new book that affords a better future for every American.

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